Maxim Moira and Lee Foxx
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Title: Maxim Moira and Lee Foxx
Description: Giving Lee a treat from the other side of the wall, dark-haired twink Maxim shows off his thin, toned and big juicy dick using a very well placed screen to perform a sexy sultry dance for his blond bedfellow. Laying there, Lee gets harder and harder as Maxim waves his huge thick dick around. Then he walks out, pretending not to know what he was doing; until his towel drops. His still raging hard-on is exposed once again. Crawling the length of the bed towards Maxim’s waiting crotch, Lee is quick to devour his shaft, taking the whole length and worshiping from his small heavy balls to his trimmed pubes and beyond, but never forgetting that perfect dick. After some sexy play, Maxim presses Lee to the bed, pulls a leg high and does what any horny twink would do when he’s got a smooth pink hole at dick level. Plunge. Bare cock deep in his lubed mate, they fuck hard, balls slapping against ass until Lee is twisted round, on his back, legs are in the air, with his feet practically IN the camera. Maxim’s thick dick sliding effortlessly back and forth until both boys are cumming so hard, Lee is left saturated, dripping in juice, just how we like it!
Tags: bare, bareback, piss, cum, anal, facial, swallow, snowball, twinks, twink
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