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Title: Leather Fuck Pigs
Description: Cutler and Jon are cruising one another through the glory hole. Soon enough, Jon manages to stuff that hungry, hairy hole through the hole to allow Cutler to spread, eat and plow it with his humongous 11'' uncut black cock. Hot, hairy daddy Jake Wetmore steps in and feeds Jon some man cock and a whole lotta piss. While both of Jon's ends are singing and begging for more meat and fluids, Michael walks in and feeds him about a gallon of boy piss. Cutler wears Jon's ass out with that gut splittin' monster meat, so Jon drops to his knees and chows down on Cutler's pole, which is chock full of Jon's ass juices. Boy Fillmore is a sly young fuck. He pretends to resist bein' used by a group of 7 horny, bent leathermen. Our drippin', ass-hungry men waste no time lockin' that boy in the stocks and disabling his legs with a spreader bar before the fun begins and they take turns usin' the boy's holes.
Tags: Black, Fetish, New Release, Interracial, Orgies, Leather, Muscles, Gay, Bareback, Anal, Pigs, High Definition
Site: AEBN
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Duration: 01:54
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