Harley Everett and Dan Daley

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Title: Harley Everett and Dan Daley
Description: With Dan Daley’s dad demanding his son man-up, he employs a tattooed, musclebound brute to whip Dan into shape. Little does he know that Harley Everett is exactly what turns his pussy son on. After some rooftop stretching, Dan gives in to his naked urges, kissing his trainer right on the spot. Luckily, Harley knows what this means and how to handle manpussy. It soon becomes all about more stretching, but of another kind. Harley allows this Dan to service his body from head to toe, with a very long stop-over at his massive dick! With spitting, dirty talk and a proper ass workout, Dan might not toughen up, but he certainly learns that his place is on all fours, offering up his hole to a real man like Harley!
Tags: bare, bareback, cum, anal, facial, swallow, snowball, twinks, twink
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