Chris Kohl and Paul Stag

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Title: Chris Kohl and Paul Stag
Description: Leather-clad tough British daddy Paul Stag wants muscular and willing straight boy Chris Kohl to lick his sweaty armpits, suck his uncut cock and offer his ass for breeding. And Chris is happy to provide, letting Paul pull down his red jock and roughly finger his butt, opening it up in anticipation. Paul bends Chris over the sofa and rams Chris hard, abusing him, slapping his ass cheeks, making Chris his bitch. Paul’s balls bounce off Chris’ ring until he explodes inside him, filling him to the brim with hot man juice. Chris squeezes Paul’s cum out his hole, and Paul dives down between Chris’s legs, licking up his own seed. But daddy’s not done. He gets Chris on his knees to servicing his monster cock. Rolling the foreskin back and forth, Chris is eager to coax another load out of his dad. Paul throws Chris back on the sofa, sucking his cock before the sight of Chris’s open ass is too much for him and he has to fuck it again. Finally, Paul licks Chris’ balls to coax him to shoot out a load of hot sweet cum. Paul squeezes out a second load into Chris’s mouth, and Chris milks every last salty drop from Paul’s cock.
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