Vince Smith & Marcus Rides 2
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Title: Vince Smith & Marcus Rides 2
Description: Continuing in their "endeavors," Marcus kisses and fondles his buddy, Vince. In part #1, these two were all over one another, both cumming multiple times. This pair of friends seem to know exactly how to use a cock on each other. has the return of "Marcus and Vince #2," buds in the end, several times over. Marcus works himself back up and back in Vince. As hot and heavy as before, it's not long before Vince feels the urge to blow his load. Spraying up on his stomach and chest he takes but a few minutes before he is hard again. Vince then dives back into Marcus' hole; if your keeping score, it's 2 for 2, both blowing multiple loads. I have got to check out that San Diego water; these two are like those magnetic dolls that you just can't separate, but really, who would want these two to stop. Download this video & more here!
Tags: bare, bareback, group, boy, orgy, cum, anal, facial, swallow, snowball, twinks, twink
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Duration: 01:09
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