TP Sexy and Christian Hunt
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Title: TP Sexy and Christian Hunt
Description: TP Sexy and Christian Hunt have been chatting for months on the Internet. They finally agree to meet up and when Christian asks TP what he’s into, TP replies, "My dick in your mouth." Well, you don’t have to tell Christian twice to make that happen! He frees TP’s fat dick from his gym shorts and guides it straight to his hungry, open mouth. He works TP’s shaft, then gets into a 69 position so TP can tongue his pink hole. TP rims Christian’s sweet pucker before getting him on all fours and fucking him doggy-style. TP plunges his raw monster cock into Christian’s fuckhole, making him moan and squeal from pleasure and pain. TP flips Christian on his back and drills him until both guys finish themselves off by jerking off side-by-side. TP’s load is huge, landing on his chest. Christian’s is just as big, spewing out thick globs of juicy, creamy delight.
Tags: bare, bareback, cum, anal, facial, swallow, snowball, twinks, twink
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