OMG That's Huge: Climax
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Title: OMG That's Huge: Climax
Description: You ever lucky enough to have one of those OMG climaxes? Tony Bucks is about to. In this part #2 video, the big dick is about to take "in" the thick dick. As the videographer asks, "can you handle that?" Our boy takes one for the "A-Team." "It is so fucking big," gasps Tony as his ass gages and swallows the abundant ride. Within minutes, both agree, "this feels good." Tony strokes his hard cock as the cameraman goes "balls to the wall." "I want you to fuck me until I cum," begs Tony. The cameraman obliges, first dumping his load, then going back in. Loving the sensation, who "woodn't," the boy moans, "fuck my ass." As various views are enjoyed, we try and hold out as long as we can, waiting to "sync" our "go time" with the boy's. Sucking on the dense cock, Tony masturbates his lubed-up log until he releases dollops of cream; "the cum dump heard 'round the world." Looks like Tony likes to be "pacifier-ed" in order to blow. Visit here!
Tags: bare, bareback, group, boy, orgy, cum, anal, facial, swallow, snowball, twinks, twink
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Added: 1659 days ago
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Duration: 01:31
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