Johan, Kai Cruz and Max Hudson
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Title: Johan, Kai Cruz and Max Hudson
Description: Opening the film with an awesome three-way, PoolBoy Rob enjoys a cock worship from hung Johan and Max under the Spanish sun. Sliding their delicious perfectly formed cock down each others throats, they cana’t get enough of the taste of dick. Lubing up Roba’s smooth peach butt, Max gets first go pounding his butt as he devours Johana’s 8a meat. Crying out to fuck Rob, Johan gets him to squat over as the Czech superstar works his magic on his hole. From the very beginning we can see just how cock crazy our PoolBoy is, wanting to be constantly surrounded by hung young men covering him in spunk.
Tags: bare, bareback, cum, anal, facial, swallow, snowball, twinks, twink
Site: Eurocreme
Added: 2422 days ago
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Duration: 02:08
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