Chris Introduces Jeremy to His Ass
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Title: Chris Introduces Jeremy to His Ass
Description: College studs Chris and Jeremy are just at that right age. They're young, handsome, virile and have hot 'n hard bods. You'll see for yourself as they start out around the spa where they first notice each other. Without any mucking around the boys are back in the bedroom, stripped naked and the experienced Chris is sucking off newcomer's Jeremy's long cock. After Jeremy's cock has been sucked into an iron rod, Chris lays back and flexes out his legs in the air so Jeremy can slide his dick deep into his ass. You can tell Chris's manhole is used to being fucked as Jeremy's cock slides in effortlessly. He obviously enjoys every thrust as well as Chris's cock remains as hard as iron as he's getting rammed and he cant help but cum after so much anal stimulus. At the sight of Chris blowing his load Jeremy explodes too, but not before sliding his cock out and cuming on Chris.
Tags: bare, bareback, group, boy, orgy, cum, anal, facial, swallow, snowball, twinks, twink
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Added: 2425 days ago
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Duration: 03:00
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