Chinese Boy Covered In American Cum
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Title: Chinese Boy Covered In American Cum
Description: Leo wrote us to say he is a horny Asian twink hungry for some jizz and pretty much begging us to be in a video. It just so happens that I have a hot American twink named Keith Stone looking for a good blow job. From the time Keith walks in, Leo couldn't wait to get Keith naked and start going to town on his cock. This scene has got to be one of the most amazing blow jobs I have filmed in a long time. For his part, Keith gave Leo one hell of a mouth fuck and enjoyed spanking and squeezing Leo's sweet Chinese mooncakes. Leo's blow job was obviously too much for Keith to handle though, and it wasn't long before his jizz was flying all over Leo's face. It's obvious that our young Asian slut Leo delighted in every sweet drop! Download the Full Video at
Tags: bare, bareback, group, asian, orgy, cum, anal, facial, swallow, snowball, twinks, twink
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Added: 1687 days ago
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Duration: 00:32
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