Chasing Chase's Load
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Title: Chasing Chase's Load
Description: After just spreading his seed all over Chase's body, I had just one request for our lovable vegetarian A.J; to lick Chase's body clean. Hey, I figured the guy needs some protein in his diet. A.J. obediently lapped up every drop of his own sperm, leaving Chase's body shiny and clean. Fortunately, A.J. does eat sugar, and didn't mind eating his own sweet jizz. However, there was still one more stiff proposition standing in the way of these boys' getting paid...Chase's cock. But before A.J. was ready to fully commit himself to a piece of sausage, he first needed to warm himself up by dining on more of Chase's delicious boyhole. Download the full HD video at
Tags: bare, bareback, group, straight, str8, orgy, cum, anal, facial, swallow, snowball, twinks, twink
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Duration: 02:03
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