Asian Virgin Get's His First White Ass
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Title: Asian Virgin Get's His First White Ass
Description: You might think of our models as big time porn guys, or super studs with big libidos, that's actually true in a few few instances. Most of our guys are actually boy next door types with just a bit of an adventurous streak somewhere in their nature. We shot Brandon on one of our trips to the New York Area. Brandon is a college freshmen out in Staten Island. Aside from being cute as a button, Brandon it turns out, was a virgin! It seems in the days of the internet, young hot virgins can find enough eye candy to stay that way until the right situation comes along, or until that left hand just gives out! We matched Brandon with Misha, who came out by bus from Pennsylvania after seeing Brandon's photo. Misha knew that he wanted to have this virgin Asian guy fuck him on camera! The boys spent an afternoon in Manhattan, and decided yes, they'd like to record their interest in each other's hot little bod's for the ages! So, by the time the bus got them to where we were filming in New jersey, just a short hop through the Lincoln tunnel, we ended up with one of our very rare night time shoots. That night it snowed, rained and the wind howled like a real Nor' Easter! Even though we were filming indoors with a very sexy jacuzzi to keep them warm, you can actually here the wind howling outside in certain parts of the video. Download the full video in the highest quality at
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