Ashley Ryder and Steven Prior

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Title: Ashley Ryder and Steven Prior
Description: Ashley Ryder’s getting that sweet little fuckhole stretched yet again. This time it’s by Steven Prior and HUGE MONSTER COCK! You just won’t believe how big this thing is. Ashley’s face lights up like a Christmas tree when he sees what’s in store for his bottom! You’ll feel the same when you see Steven’s monster come bouncing out of his underwear. And just wait ’til you see him ram that huge cock right up to the hilt inside Ashley’s poor little ass. You’d swear he’s ready to pass out but far from it. And make sure you keep your eyes on Ashley as he deep throats Steve’s massive cock. You see it sliding down his neck and you just might pop then! This is the one EVERYONE’s gonna be talking about for years to come.
Tags: bare, bareback, cum, anal, facial, swallow, snowball, twinks, twink
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