A Real On-Camera Hook Up
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Title: A Real On-Camera Hook Up
Description: This mind blowing bout of uber horniness shouldn't be kept behind closed doors, and man am I glad we got to them first! They drove down together and I'm told the sexual tension in the car was almost unbearable. They even spoke of pulling over... but they resisted - just the desire to get it on with one another is blindingly obvious... sparks fly as they settle into some deep lustful kissing, peeling their clothes off as they stay lip locked! Hungry for cock, Toby is the first to find his way down Jed's tight torso and begins to masterfully swallow the whole of his meat. From there his mouth stays pretty much clamped to Jed's cock, only breaking to get some deep rimming action on! Once they got to fucking, well... the heat is well and truly on! They almost become one, Toby pounding Jed from every angle he can think of; stood, riding, pinned down, spooning... but it was doggy that pushed Jed over the edge, leaving Toby only one option... unload over Jed's gorgeous face! There's 5 minutes of bonus footage with this one too!
Tags: Amateur, Euro, International, Gay, Anal, Safe Sex, High Definition
Site: AEBN
Added: 1674 days ago
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Duration: 01:35
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